Dairy Sheep Project

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Sheep Soap and Gelato

Weston is the only school district in the state of Wisconsin with a licensed Dairy Sheep barn and Dairy Processing Room. Ag students learn to care for the sheep and lambs, milking the ewes to use in the sheep milk soap and gelato they sell. Students work to experiment with possible fragrances of soap and flavors of gelato to produce and sell. They also now have a sheep-shaped soap to offer thanks to the Weston Tech Department who created a special sheep-shaped mold for students to use along with their original rectangle-shaped soap.

Available Soap Fragrances

  • Sweet Orange

  • Lavender

Available Gelato Flavors

  • Vanilla

  • Mint

  • Maple Nut

  • Strawberry

*Soap can now be mailed, please add shipping to your cart when purchasing soap online.

*Gelato CANNOT be shipped.

History of the Sheep Project


It all started with Scooter, a small, Jersey bull calf, a flock of chickens, and the ten students in Weston School Districts Animal and Soil Science class. They wanted to expand our school farm, and with the district sitting on 68 acres, there was plenty of space to do so. After a lot of thinking, they came up with the idea of raising and milking a flock of 10-12 dairy sheep, and then the soap production idea was formed as a fundraising project to raise funds they have used to set up a licensed dairy processing room to make sheep milk gelato which will be sold at sporting events.

After a lot of fundraising, students erected a 24’ X 40’ barn with the help of two community members. The sheep are cared for by students of all ages to learn about animal husbandry and animal science. They trim hooves, give vaccinations, help with lambing, and daily care for the flock.

Sheep Project Donations

sheep students

Denise Lins

In the summer of 2021 Denise Lins, a member of the Weston Silver Eagle Foundation requested grant money for a hay shed from the Joan Woodman Orton McCollum Foundation and the Foundation graciously granted the $9500 request.

The hay shed structure is completed and students will be responsible for moving the hay from where it is currently stored, as well as constructing a pen and a manger for the Weston sheep.

The students and the sheep are grateful they were able to have the new barn finished and ready before winter, and new lambs arrive!

sheep students

Reedsburg Young Professionals

President Izzy Hineman and Reporter Jessy Timm accepted a donation from the Reedsburg Young Professionals. This group is dedicated to building a stronger community and gave proceeds from the Butterfest Parade to local FFA Chapters. Our group is so thankful for this donation and it will be used to send FFA members to leadership conferences and workshops. Thank you Reedsburg Young Professionals!

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Judd Trucking

Joshua and Carley Judd presented a $1,000 donation from Judd Trucking to Weston FFA Officers, Addie DeMars and Izzy Hineman, today for the Weston Sheep Project. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Judd Trucking, Mrs. Osborne and the Ag students are able to purchase the larger gelato machine necessary to complete the licensing process with the aim to begin selling sheep gelato later this winter!

Weston School District is currently the only school in Wisconsin to have a licensed Dairy Processing plant and the youngest student to earn a Milk Pasteurization certification through the University of Wisconsin, Addie DeMars. Mrs. Osborne and her Ag students make and sell sheep milk soap and have been working countless hours to add gelato to the products they make and sell. Thanks to the exceedingly generous Weston community, the Weston Dairy Sheep Project is on its way to accomplishing great things that students like Josh and Carley cannot wait to be a part of in the near future.

Weston Sheep Project Presented to RAREA