The softball game for this evening has been moved to Cazenovia due to the rain and field conditions in LaFarge. 


Ridge and Valley Conference 
 Commissioner, Terry Erickson 


Parents will communicate fairly and openly with coaches by:


1.    Communicating openly, honestly, and with respect.

    a.    Communicating issues and concerns in a timely manner including those of physical and emotional well-being on behalf of their student.
    b.    Following an appropriate chain of communication such as:

  •    Parent and Coach/Assistant Coach
  •    Parent and Athletic Director
  •    Parent/Principal/Superintendent

    c.    Attending parent meetings and reading information disseminated by the coaches.

2.    Parents will demonstrate good sportsmanship by displaying the following behaviors:

    a.    Providing support for coaches and officials in order to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for all student-athletes.
    b.    Understanding the game if for the students and not for the adults.
    c.    Recognizing that student participation in athletics is a privilege.
    d.    Using good sportsmanship as a spectator and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on both the team and the school.
    e.    Promoting the team by being supportive and helpful of the school program.
    f.    Refraining from coaching their student from the stands of sidelines.
    g.    Expecting consistent student attendance at practice and games.

3.    Parents will create a positive and supportive environment to promote their student-athletes well-being by:

    a.    Supporting good conditioning and healthy life style habits.
    b.    Placing the emotional and physical well-being of their student ahead of any personal desire to win.
    c.    Expecting their student to play in a safe and healthy environment.
    d.    Supporting their student in planning how to meet their academic responsibilities given the demands of training and practice.
    e.    Being a role model for other parents by remaining positive at sporting events.


RVC 8/2/15

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