The softball game for this evening has been moved to Cazenovia due to the rain and field conditions in LaFarge. 


Today I will do my best to SOAR

I pledge to be safe

I pledge to be organized

I pledge to be accountable

I pledge to be respectful

I promise to SOAR even when no one is watching

Supporting Appropriate Behavior at Weston School District


In order to achieve a safe and respectful learning environment for students, Weston Elementary School teachers and administrators have put together a program that teaches, supports and encourages appropriate behavior in a variety of ways.


Basic Elements of the Program

Overarching the school’s programs is a philosophy that emphasizes that everyone plays a role of responsibility in creating this environment.  Teachers, administrators and other staff model and teach responsible behavior and students are provided with a variety of supports to learn how to become responsible learners and members of the school community.  By supporting the school’s discipline program, parents also become part of this team.


Key to the success of the school’s efforts to teach responsible behavior is the use of four basic school rules which all the students know: be Safe, be Organized be Accountable, and be Respectful.  As students mature, these four rules include more specifics, but starting from 4 year old kindergarten, all students begin to learn what they mean.



   Be safe refers to acting in ways that ensure one’s own safety and that of others.  

Students are taught to be aware of their environment, think about consequences of their actions, and to make choices that insure that no one will get hurt either accidentally or on purpose.

Be Organized refers to how we want our students to attend and be ready to engage in learning

Be Accountable refers to academic performance requirements.  Students are taught to focus on classroom activities, and complete their assignments in an orderly and timely manner using their best effort.  

Be Respectful refers to how the students are expected to relate to each other. Students are taught to treat each other with respect, handle conflicts in a constructive fashion and contribute to a positive environment for all.


In addition, students also learn that certain behaviors are clearly against the rules, and they will receive consequences for engaging in those behaviors.  Behaviors are further defined in major and minor behaviors within a tier 1-2-or 3.


Students are also encouraged to think about these behaviors as something they have control over and can change.  As part of the discipline process, students will talk to staff at various levels and write behavioral plans to help them develop strategies and skills to handle situations in a more constructive manner.

With these basic ideas in mind, various policies and programs have been put in place to establish an environment that teaches, supports and encourages appropriate behavior and responds to unacceptable behavior in a manner that teaches responsibility.

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