The softball game for this evening has been moved to Cazenovia due to the rain and field conditions in LaFarge. 

Notice of School Board Meeting of the School District of Weston Board of Education
Jt.#1, Village of Cazenovia, Town of Henrietta, Willow, Westford, Richland County, Village of Lime Ridge, Town of Washington, Ironton, Bear
Creek, Franklin, Woodland, Sauk County, Cazenovia, WI(Weston School District)
Public Notice is hereby given that the Weston Board of Education will hold a School Board Meeting on Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM in
room 205 of the Weston High School, Township of Ironton, Sauk County, WI


1. Call to order & Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Proof of giving notice of meeting
4. Reading of District Mission
5. Presentation on Math-Summer Seehawer, Stephanie Vick, Jason Winchel, Lyle Lindholm
6. Presentation of Gratitude to Jason McDonough for his time and talent at the Weston Veterans Day Service
7. Approval of Vouchers and Payroll
8. Treasurer’s Report
9. Approval of minutes of previous meetings
10. Committee Reports
     a. Policy & Instruction
11. Reports: Superintendent - 2017 Resolutions / Director of Business Services
12. Welcome Visitors: Public Comment from Audience
     a. Approval of Melissa Ladika-Forensic Coach
     b. Approval of Dan Pulvermacher-Forensic Coach
     c. Approval of Ryan Birdsill-MS Wrestling Coach
     d. Approval of Jason Winchel-MS Wrestling Coach
     a. WASB resolutions
15. Motion to convene in closed session under s.19.85(1)© to consider employment, promotion, compensation, or performance
evaluation of public employees over which the school board has jurisdiction.
     a. 2016-2017 Staffing
16. Reconvene to open session to report any action taken during closed session
17. Adjourn

______Lisa Arneson, Clerk, Weston School District

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